Wall of Love

Don’t make visitors work to trust you. Strive to make trust the default state of mind. 


Shopify Plus brands Replica Surfaces and BlendJet foster this sense with a wall of love, aka. happy customers page. They showcase the large number of positive reviews they’ve earned over the years.

Every store visitor is exposed to every single review. Not one at a time. No, all at once.

(It’s a cute little social proof hack that makes the reviews appear as more than they actually are. But please don’t tell anyone.)

Here’s Replica Surface’s page:

Here’s BlendJet’s:

And yes, it converts:

“You could literally spend entire days going through all of our reviews, and we’ve found that’s actually the thing our customers spend the most time doing before making a purchase.”
Ryan Pamplin
CEO and Co-Founder of BlendJet

^ Hundreds of thousands in Loox-driven sales for BlendJet in around 1.5 years speak for themselves.

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