Social proof email marketing

If you look at the website of Tabs, you’ll see their massive amount of social proof.

It’s how they built and grow their brand.

Social proof is more than just a few reviews for them. It’s their marketing strategy.

“By using Loox for social proof, we’ve seen massive impact on our conversion rates.”
Oliver Brocato
Co-founder, Tabs

And this doesn’t only apply to their website.

Just as important as on-site conversion rates are click through rates in their email campaigns.

That’s why Tabs is heavy on social proof in their emails. They use every single opportunity to build trust.

Here’s their email pop-up highlighting 100,000+ happy customers:

And here’s the social proof part of their welcome email:

The more controversial your product is, the more skeptical people are.

Tabs made it their mission to tackle this by letting happy customers speak up. And with more than 100,000 customers and $10,000,000 in sales, their success speaks for themselves.

Learn more about Tab's Social Proof Marketing success here.

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