Strategic composition of reviews

DTC brand moodi is smart about their Social Proof Marketing.

They understand that it's not just about the content of individual reviews but also the strategic composition of different types of reviews.

Their approach is catered to two main types of customers: 

  1. Solution-aware customers (familiar with competitors’ products).
  2. Problem-aware (not familiar with competitors).
“A review saying 'this is the best product I've tried' resonates with the solution-aware customer. On the other hand, a review highlighting how the product solves a problem appeals to the problem-aware customer.”
Nick Ward
Co-founder, moodi

(Moodi uses Loox’s built-in Featured Reviews to highlight different types of reviews at the top of their widget.)

Using reviews to address the problems of particular customer groups, moodi creates a narrative of trust and sincerity for their brand.

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