Scaling to six figures through word of mouth - the Euphoric Herbals story

Scaling to six figures through word of mouth – the Euphoric Herbals story










“When people can see pictures, it creates a different way for buyers to interact with the brand and I've been able to leverage that to encourage even more people to leave reviews."
Cindy Collins
Founder, Euphoric Herbals
“When people can see pictures, it creates a different way for buyers to interact with the brand and I've been able to leverage that to encourage even more people to leave reviews."​
Cindy Collins
Founder, Euphoric Herbals

Euphoric Herbals products are made to help new mothers along their journey to holistic health. Cindy Collins, the founder at Euphoric Herbals originally got started with herbalism to create products for her personal use when she was pregnant with her first son.  Eventually, her business grew as she expanded the line with new blends, herbal teas, and salves. Since then, her business has served over 10,000 happy customers in 58 countries.

“For me, creating products that are having a significant impact on my customers’ lives is what I am focusing on.” – Cindy Collins


 The Challenges

Scaling the brand with word of mouth marketing

Word of mouth and referrals from existing customers and healthcare practitioners is the most important sales channel for the brand.  That is why leveraging reviews was crucial. Photo reviews from happy customers shared on social media help Cindy and her team to leverage the power of word of mouth marketing to reach large audiences.

Referrals and word of mouth recommendations are really our goal. But what about customers who are coming to my website for the first time who were not referred by a friend or someone they actually know? They don’t have anyone to fall back on and it is essential for us to build trust with them. I think the great thing about having reviews on the website is that you have other customers vouching for the effectiveness of a product and the quality of the company.” – Cindy Collins

Leveraging the word of mouth marketing on social media with photo reviews has been a strong driver of traffic that helped grow the brand and expand across the globe.


Instagram: 26K followers

Facebook audience: 21K likes

Twitter: 845 followers


A lot of customers come from social media, and we do get a lot of reviews there” – Cindy Collins

The Solution

Euphoric Herbals was looking for a solution that would encourage their highly engaged audience to leave reviews that could be leveraged on social media channels.

Photo Reviews Have High Impact on Conversions

For someone who is exposed to a new brand for the very first time they, it is natural to have a lot of questions:

  • Does this work?

  • Does this product do what it says it is going to do?

  • Is the product description accurate?

This is especially important with healthcare products that can have a significant impact on mothers’ health. To find answers to these questions new mothers often actively seek out reviews and referrals. And visual reviews with real customer photos was something that Cindy wanted to make sure she had readily available on her website:

“I feel that the products like Loox that have pictures in addition to a review feel much more interactive. People can see pictures of other customers’ experiences, and that encourages them also to leave a review.”

Creating a high-impact reviews pages

“When people ask for reviews, I always link them to my review page where all my reviews are held together.”

Creating a dedicated reviews page was extremely easy. Customers searching for Euphoric Herbals brand on Google are now able to find all the reviews curated on the website in an easily digestible format.

“That way a customer might be looking for a view about one thing and then they realize, oh wait, there all these other products I didn’t know about. This way customers can also see positive reviews from other products and are encouraged to check them out. I think that alone, is extremely effective at validating the brand.”

The Results

$837 in 30 days on autopilot

Loox is a set it and forget it type of app. When I’ve installed Loox  I’ve set it up once and don’t need to think about it. It works in the background and generates sales without extra effort. 

Generating tons of visual content for social media

“Offering a discount in exchange for a photo review is a great incentive for those customers who are very engaged and happy to come back and buy again.” Since installing Loox, Euphoric Herbals brand has generated over 200 raving reviews with photos that have been shared throughout their social media channels.

"It drives sales. In the last 30 days, Loox has driven $837 in sales just from people purchasing after seeing a review.”
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