7 Powerful Techniques to Leverage the Conversion Rate of Your E-commerce Venture

When it comes to E-commerce, the conversion rate is represented by the number of people visiting the website, who end up making a purchase. For example, if the number of visitors during one month is 50,000, and out of that, 1,000 users end up purchasing something, the conversion rate is 1,000/50,000 = 2%. 

Now, you may be asking yourself how are you going to count the number of visitors? Do you only take into consideration unique visitors, or do you count any visit made on the website? Truth is, it does not really matter, as long as you use the same measurement every time, to keep the numbers accurate. 

As you may know, if you’ve been in the E-commerce game for some time, increasing the conversion rate is at the top of the priority list. Below is a list of efficient techniques that will help you improve the conversion rate and keep the visitors coming. 


Always use high-quality images and videos

The main inconvenience of shopping online is the fact that you can’t touch or try the product. To help your customers get a better idea about the product they are about to purchase, the best you can do is showcase them through high-quality content.

When shooting your products, make sure you showcase the product from all angles, to help customers see what they are spending their money on. If necessary, include videos to show the product at use. You have a much higher chance to make customers come back if they see they get exactly what they paid for.

Make sure to use big pictures and leave the background white, to better show off the product. You will want to have multiple images, from different angles, to give users the chance to see the product from multiple angles. Also, make sure to include a zoom button, to get a closer look at the details of the product. This is called interactivity and it helps build up trust with the customers.


Offer discounts and coupons

Discounts are the best way to keep customers coming back and make purchases. One option is to offer coupon codes for a limited amount of time. This will drive urgency and make people finish the purchase before the coupon expires. 

Make sure to always offer a discount for newsletter subscriptions or for the first purchase. This will put you on good terms with your customers since their first engagement and will help build up your reputation. 

The main sales seasons are during winter and summers, but make sure to offer promotional prices throughout the whole year. This will not only attract customers but will also help you clear up on items and make room for new ones. 

Apply coupons or discounts on shipping price also. This will encourage customers to shop more. You can either offer free shipping if the customer exceeds a certain amount or offer codes from time to time. Make sure to also advertise this on social media, to get more visibility. 


Adjust your prices to stay competitive 

Make sure your prices are always competitive. If you are selling items that can be found in other stores, make sure your price is either at or below the average market price, in order to keep the competitive edge. There is no reason for people to make purchases from your site if they have the option to get the same product at a better price someplace else. 

Make sure you conduct market research periodically, to find out what your competitors are doing and find new ways to secure your place on the market. A good way to do so is to conduct surveys amongst your customers and find out if they discovered better-priced products somewhere else.

This does not mean, however, that you need to go way below the market price in order to boost sales. You need to make sure the price covers all your investments and will not result in bigger losses. 


Pay attention to written content also

Product description is extremely important, as it gives users more information about the products. Depending on what you are selling, make sure to include information such as materials, dimensions, and special features. 

Sometimes, a rich amount of information requires quite a long product description also, which you may think is unappealing to customers. Truth is, if a customer is interested in a product, they will want to know every detail about it before making a purchase. Just make sure the content is easy to read, correctly written and does not include any unnecessary information.

Start with a summary, a brief description of what the product is and its benefits, then you can add another section for more detailed information. To make sure your content is high-quality, you can use various software, such as Grammarly, Trust My Paper, Hemingway, and Thesaurus. These apps can help you avoid grammar and spelling mistakes, as well as passive voice and other mistakes that can make the text unappealing. 


Make sure products are easy to find

That search bar is extremely important for customers. Make sure the search option is accurate and easy to access, so your customers can find what they are looking for. Test out specific keywords and ensure that all products under that keyword are properly showing. 

Same goes for the categories. When structuring your categories, make sure you do so in a logical way, to allow customers to reach the products they need as fast as possible. For example, if you run a clothing website, separate menswear from womenswear and children. Then, make sure you include subcategories for each type of clothing, such as dresses, skirts, shoes, etc. 

Work on filters as well. Make sure you include color, size, and material filters, to make it easier for users to search. The faster they can find the product, the faster they will purchase. 


Pay attention to the shopping cart page

The shopping cart is probably the most important page on your website, so make sure you dedicate some more time to perfecting it. Nobody wants to reach a shopping cart where they can’t find the “Buy Now” button in a glimpse. 

Make sure to always display shopping cart contents, along with a photo preview, number of items added and product name. Then, make sure you have included the price, the total, as well as an option to introduce coupon codes. 

Make the checkout button visible and make sure to include all details of the purchase before the customer finalizes it, such as customer details, address, and payment method. 

After purchase. Make sure to give customers a way to check the status of the shipment, up until the moment it arrives at their door. It’s a nice addition that will boost your brand image and make customers return. 


Allow reviews and testimonials

When people are looking to buy a product, they are going to want to compare options,user reviews, be them good or bad, will build up your relationship with your customers. Studies reveal that over 60% of customers read reviews before buying a product, so make sure you give them this opportunity. 

Make sure every product has a review section where customers can rate the product and write a short review. Don’t make the mistake of removing negative reviews. Nobody will believe that your product does not have any flaws and it will look forced. Apart from that, it helps build up your brand’s image. Allow people to share their opinion, no matter what it is.

Make sure to read them thoroughly, as it is a good way to improve your products. Customers are the one using your products the most, so there is no better way to find out how to make them better, than from the clients themselves. 

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